Meat Cold Storage Temperatures

Meat Cold Storage Temperatures

It’s been always a best practice that we should follow the food safety guidelines in order to serve the frozen food fresher and good in texture in meeting its safety guideline.

Storing Meat in the Freezer

To avoid any bacteria formation happen after an animal get slaughtered, we always need to ensure that we froze the frozen food immediately without delay, so that it helps to preserve the flavor and texture of food without any unwanted dangerous bacteria to occur.

To save people from getting any illness due to this, our law always emphasize that any raw meat should kept at a minimum of -18℃ to prevent formation of dangerous bacteria occur later on the food surface. Any raw meat kept more than this range is always advice not to proceed in selling since it is categorized as harmful. That’s why many food industries always choose to have blast freezers in their kitchen to help them make the raw meat froze immediately without any unwanted issues to happen.

If we follow the exact guidelines to freeze the products, the raw meat products can have longer of time expiry.

Below is the table shows the types of meat at -18℃ and its length of time.

However, for lamb and beef type meat, the length of time for this storage is quite long since the meat is partially saturated and contains hard fat while meat like pork will have lower length of time since it has lower level of saturated fat and soft fat compared to lamb and beef meat types.

Storing Meat in the Fridge

If let’s say we intend to store meat and any poultry type of products in fridge, it is always recommended that your fridge is set at a safe temperature, 4°C or avoid any dangerous bacteria formation happen to the meat.  Bacteria grow quickly between 4°C and 60°C, also known as the “Danger Zone.”

If you open your fridge frequently, you could also store your meat with ice or warp them in plastic wrap before icing. It is should be a best practice if we store the food froze quickly and consumed early after we bought the products.

So in nutshell, the consumers must aware of the food or the products that they are investing on whether it is fresh or have any unpleasant smell or not before purchasing. It also turn out to be an advantage if we check the quality of each products when we buying to avoid any money wasting and wastage.

How I can invest in storing meat effectively?

Are you having thoughts to invest on the right equipment for storing the raw meat in a proper way? Here, we have FREZMAC, the very right quality of equipment known its own efficiency and quality of preserving the raw meat. It always ensure the food storage kept in the right temperature while prevent from any dangerous bacteria formation to be happen on the surface of the products.

Not only that, it also been an aid for preserving the quality of meat to avoid any wastages to occur. It’s been always our goal to serve environment friendly freezer for your food industry.

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