Chicken with Freezer Burn

What is freezer burn? How to spot it on my food? Freezer burn happens when the frozen food is dehydrated. This occurs as the liquid inside the frozen food begins to evaporate, leaving dry spots or icy crystals behind. This results your food having dry, rubbery texture and lacking flavour. Freezer burn situation differs for […]


Meat Cold Storage Temperatures

Meat Cold Storage Temperatures It’s been always a best practice that we should follow the food safety guidelines in order to serve the frozen food fresher and good in texture in meeting its safety guideline. Storing Meat in the Freezer To avoid any bacteria formation happen after an animal get slaughtered, we always need to […]


Food Safety Tips  (FIFO System Food Rotate)

Many jobs involve handling high quantities of food – such as catering, retail, or manufacturing. Staff who work for these types of businesses should be able to properly rotate stock to help boost workplace efficiency and ensure food safety, which is why using a FIFO storage system is so beneficial. What is a FIFO Food […]


Simple Ways to Eliminate Fridge Odour

If you forget what’s in your fridge and how long it’s been percolating in there, no doubt you’ll open the door someday soon to find a very pungent smell. Even if you get rid of the offending culprit, the stench can still stick around for weeks afterward. In addition, food that hasn’t gone bad can […]


Top 5 reasons your fridge is not cooling

Refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen. It stores all the best ingredients under ideal condition to keep them green and fresh. However, when your refrigerator won’t stay cold, you need to address the problem immediately to keep the ingredients from going bad. Some problems can be solved with some simple maintenance while others require […]

Fridge tips

Energy Saving Tips for Fridge

Restaurant uses 5 to 7 times more energy than any other commercial building. Refrigerators run all the time, making it one of the biggest drivers of energy usage on your bills. Commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the reason for causing immense amount of electricity consumption in restaurants.  There are several simple tips to reduce […]

Bakery Frezmac review

Best Bakery Freezer Storage 2022

Every bakery has a story to share and a dream to reach. Frezmac can be your best storage solution in the kitchen while we embarking the journey together!❄ Powerful cooling performance🛡 Highly durable for daily use✔ Effective use of storage___________________Shop now 🛒 : for surprise: 😊☎️ #maintenancetips #freezer #chiller #feedback #review #commercialrefrigerator #extendedwarranty #3YearsWarranty […]