Energy Saving Tips for Fridge

Fridge tips

Restaurant uses 5 to 7 times more energy than any other commercial building. Refrigerators run all the time, making it one of the biggest drivers of energy usage on your bills. Commercial refrigeration equipment is one of the reason for causing immense amount of electricity consumption in restaurants. 

Energy consumption

There are several simple tips to reduce energy usage of your fridge.

First, inspect your unit precisely. Look for flaw that needs attention. Check your freezers and chillers regularly. Look for flaw the need attention such as loosen or broken seal which allow hot air to flow into the fridge compartment, warming them and increase workload of your refrigeration equipment.

Ensure proper cleanliness inside the refrigeration helps in saving energy too. Bacterial growth is common in most commercial refrigeration equipment for both freezer and chiller. Bacteria such as Listeria monocytogenes causes contamination and the appliance to waste electricity.

Clean the condenser coil and fan blade from time to time. Dirt and dust accumulates on condenser coil and fan blades over time. They reduce efficiency in maintaining cold environment while increase the workload for the refrigeration equipment. 

Fridge energy saving tips

Remember, allow your refrigeration equipment to breath. Before installing your freezer and chiller, make sure there’s plenty of space for your freezer and chiller. It allow the heat they exhausted to escape. Never place your refrigerator next to a heat source such as an oven, hob or radiator, and avoid direct sunlight. This prevents compressor to end up running continuously or more than it should be.

Last but not least, avoid opening the doors of the fridge regularly and for long periods. This decreases the temperature inside it, causing its compressor to run for more hours than necessary.

Fridge energy saving tips

There are many other easy tips and tricks can be applied and practice to improve the performance and lifespan of your fridge. Check out our videos here!